Aama Odisha

Aama Odisha has organised many events throughout Odisha with a view to emancipate Odia language and create...

Rakta Dana

During the last five years, Aama Odisha has collected more than one lakh units of blood with the active support of all the 53 Red Cross Blood Banks. In the calendar year 2010, they collected a record 27,008 units of blood. The units of blood collected exceeded 50000 in 2014.

Bhasha Gyana

With a view to inculcate regard and enthusiasm for the motherland and mother tongue among school and college students, Aama Odisha has been organizing annual competitions on precise Odia writing soft skills and handwriting throughout the state.

Shathiye Chuinla Nua Jibana

People beyond the age of 60 are potentially the greatest assets of the State. They are educated by experience that cannot be matched by a management graduate of any institute. Their contributions in terms advice and guidance to the next generation is invaluable. Yet they feel unwanted and irrelevant. They are significant and sought after because their life begins at 60.

Mata Dana

This campaign aims at spreading awareness on the significance of casting one’s vote. Voting is not just a right, but also a responsibility of a citizen.