Alternative Politics

In 1995, Soumya Ranjan set foot in the political arena. He contested for the Bhubaneswar parliamentary constituency...

Since then, he has been an active public figure and has made tireless efforts for the growth and development of Odisha through his diverse projects and programs. An articulate orator, Soumya Ranjan casts a spell on his audience with eloquent and intellectual talks as he can speak on a number of contemporary as well as academic subjects with absolute élan.

During 2014, he floated his own party named Aama Odisha Party with the dictum “Maa, Matti O Matrubhasa”. He strongly believes that ‘Politics is to empower people’ and not for achieving individual milestones.


He headed the Odisha Gram Panchayat Secretaries Association and fought relentlessly for their cause. He was also the Founder Chairman of Odisha Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises (OASME), an organization involving over 10,000 entrepreneurs.

Soumya Ranjan’s popularity and acceptability in almost all the 314 blocks of the state through his strong social network is an unparalleled feat.