Media Mogul

Soumya Ranjan founded Eastern Media Limited, which is the biggest media conglomerate in the state today. It publishes....



It’s been 31 years of long innings for Sambad, the largest circulated Odia daily. Sambad has always been a forerunner in many innovative features and technology, evolving with time. Be it Baasi Khabarara Juga Shesha when the fresh news concept was introduced with the morning edition and establishment of separate edition for different cities was the need of the hour or Aakhi Rahiba Lakhi when the first off-set printing and use of computer technology was introduced in the newspaper industry in Odisha. Saat ru Saturi Samaste Khusi brings news content for everyone irrespective of age. Prati Rabibara Rangara Dina swept in a new era by introducing colour edition of newspapers on Sundays. This paper has played a key role in creating positive impact on the society, exposing instances of corruption in top echelons of society and workplaces alike, year after year. Sambad has always stood by the Odias and will continue to fight for their cause.

Radio Choklate

Eastern Media Limited introduced Choklate in 2007, predominantly as a local Odia station with the tagline Dhum Mitha. Radio Choklate focuses on interactive programs and music tracks with a local flavour, which thousands of Odia radio listeners have taken a liking to.

Kanak NEWS

KANAK NEWS is a 24×7 news channel, with a finger on the political, economic, social nerve of the state. True to its punch-line Paribartanara Swara strives to be the voice of change and be prejudiced in the interest of Odisha and its people.


Keeping up with the fast-paced media industry and the uprising of New Media, Eastern Media Limited also has an online news website, Odisha Sun Times. It was started in 2012 with the aim of updating the new-age, tech-savvy Odia with news of Odisha and fascinating blog articles.


JATRA (Folk media)

The opera shows (Jatra), with dynamic actors, sensitive storylines, majestic stages and good music are what have made Eastern Opera a favourite of the Odias. It acquires more than 80% of the entertainment business in Odisha connecting more than 87% of the rural Odisha with its six Jatra troupes.