Sambad is Odisha’s first morninger.
Brought about huge transformations in the field of printing technology. First in Odisha to introduce a phototype setting and colour page every Sunday.
First paper to publish a full page each for sports and literature.
Conceptualised precedence of local news over the distant world; thus regional editions now a must for all leading dailies.
As such, professionalism in Sambad ushered in a new era in the state's media world that is now perceived as an industry. Majority of of professionals in the state are Sambad’s virtual alumni since it has been a virtual training centre in the initial stages of their careers
Also a pioneer in the elctronic media of the state, he also revolutionised Kanak News as the leading mouthpiece of Odisha and the Odias being a 24X7 news channel.
Sambad digital and its web-channel Sambad portal have been pioneers in the field.
Sambad also brings about Katha, a monthly magazine that has created hundreds of youth story-writers and playwrites.
Aama Odisha
Founded on pabitra Srigundicha in 1996, Aama Odisha has become a revolution in the field of Odia nationalism. Lakhs of students across the state have been awarded with prizes in various competitions held every year. The credibility of the organization in general and the program in particular was evident when Hon’ble Governor of Odisha got an essay competition organized throughout the state under the auspices of Aama Odisha in which more than 70 thousand students participated.
As many as 158 books have also been published by Aama Odisha which has made it a leading publishing house of the state. Whereas most of them have already invited readers’ appreciation, many more quality books are awaiting publication.
Monthly socio-cultural-heritage family digest Pourusha, which was incepted by Late JB Patnaik, became a regular in the literary horizon of the state ever since Aama Odisha took up its publication.
Organising Blood Donation Camps, one of Aama Odisha’s premier program today, is a revolution in the field. This philanthropic event has inspired the youths and even the ruling dispensation of the state to organise similar events through the state.
Sambad Sahitya Ghara
Yet another feather in the CSR cap of Sambad, SSG is now the only non-governmental literary organization with a pan-Odishan image. Apart from holding monthly poetry recitation programs in every branch, the local men of letters also celebrate typical Odia festivals including the birth and death anniversaries of the literary giants. .
Apart from regular literary activities, most of the branches also bring about their annual number along with a full published ‘Indradhanu’ page in Sambad to commemorate the annual congregation.
This premier literary organisation has also been instrumental in contributing to the plantation program in the state. Only within a span of 4 years, the members of SSG have raised the annual plantation to 2.5 lakhs.
KMBB Group of Institutions
MBB Engineering College, Khurdha offers various B.Tech courses
KMBB +2 Science College, Naranpur, Cuttack has been ensuring exemplary results in every academic session.
Sambad School of Media and Culture (SSoMaC) at South Campus offers MJMC course.
KMBB School of Nursing.
Eastern Media Entertainment brings about various programs in the field:-
Apart from producing // Odia films, it manages a number of Jatra Groups and the Manjari TV.
Radio Chocklate 104 FM is the first private FM radio channel in the state that caters to the audience of a number of cities of the state.